Art Director, Senior Artist, 2d Animator, Concept Art, Layout Artist. On most of our projects I filled multiple roles.

The great majority of our projects were interactive, so I worked primarily in Adobe Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator.


Threads of Mystery

Threads of Mystery was a look and find game.

My role on this project began as art director, but as the need for art creation began overwhelming my artists, I handed off the art direction and stepped into the role of artist; I created concept art, background layout, and 2d animated effects.

For speed and efficiency, I did the 2d animations directly in Flash.

You can see the torch’s animation in the movie to the right.


We were creating so much content for this project, we needed a some help, so we hired contractors to paint many of the layouts.

For those illustrations I was tasked with drawing tight pencils of the locations which contractors could paint over.




My team took over this project from another group. My jobs were; Art Director, 2d effects animation, improving existing art assets and creating new art assets as needed.