Justice For All Includes Children



Superman of the 1970s and 80s was a lot more down to earth than the Superman of the new millennium. This was something that occurred to me while I was watching Christopher Reeve in his first Superman movie with my wife. Superman was likable, was a hero, acted like he enjoyed being a hero, he smiled, and he rescued cats.

Just thinking out loud.


I came across the public service announcement to the right while reading through Shazam #25. I got to looking closely at the drawing and thought, “The artist who did this was sure to have been influenced by Neal Adams.”

He sure was! Being that the artist was Neal Adams.

I figured that out while flipping through some contemporary DC comics looking for the five earlier PSAs from this series. Found quite a few; Brave and the Bold #126. Another in Superman #297, All Star Comics #59. A lot of different titles.

It looks like there might have been ten of these public service announcements in all. They show Superman not only protecting kids from predation, but also telling people to avoid being stupid and when they are stupid to accept the consequences.

I’ll post more as I get them scanned in. Maybe a gallery page.

Update: The first one in this series added at the bottom right.