Mickey Mouse and the Disappearing Island

Mickey Mouse and the Disappearing Island. Cover art by Carl Buettner. Story illustrated by Don Christensen.

Don Christensen started his studio employment at Walt Disney but over his career was a writer for many big animation studios. In 1937 he started work at the Walt Disney studio as a script-writer and in-betweener. While there he worked on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Pinocchio, and Dumbo.

In 1941 Christensen left Disney and found a place at the Warner Brothers animation studio where he worked as a script writer and storyboard artist. He wrote scripts for Looney Tunes cartoons and worked alongside animation legends Norm McCabe and Bob Clampett.

In addition to his work at Warner Brothers he drew comics on the side through the Sangor Shop which were then published by Ned Pines. He also did comic work for the American Comics Group, National Periodicals, and later he would freelance for DC. In the 1950s he began writing and drawing for Western Publishing where he created the interior art for the story below.